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To become a Child of St.Mary

“To become a Child of St.Mary” means that students will learn from the Virgin Mary’s way of living based upon the spirit of Christianity so that they can shine in society by taking advantage of their individuality and skills.

Five “Shining” elements for a Child of St.Mary

Spirit of Service/Heart of Compassion

Students will learn the spirit of Christian love through religious classes and religious events. They will pray for others and be mindful of others.

Successful Relationships

There are two 25-students classes in one grade. Students from different grades will form groups to conduct some activities together. Through these activities, students will interact with different age groups and develop successful relationships and communication skills.

Respectable Lifestyle

Students will learn appropriate manners and develop social skills in an orderly group living environment. The group will give students the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour.

True Knowledge

There is a curriculum for each subject: Japanese, Math, Science, Social studies, Physical Education, English, Music, Arts and Crafts, Home economics, and Religion. This curriculum will match the level of each grade and students will learn practical knowledge that can be utilized in their real life.

Critical thinking

Students will learn proactively through their classes and school activities. They will be able to develop their ability to think critically through pair and group work experiences.

Catholic Education

Religious education based on the Catholic teachings is the backbone of our school education from primary school through junior and senior high school for 12 years. In primary school education, we focus on the following elements.
Firstly, students will learn that humans exist by God’s love. From this love, they will learn to respect each other and build successful relationships. Secondly, we help students to become independent adults who can make choices and be responsible.
We strive to cultivate these two elements in students based upon the life philosophy of Christianity through all primary school activities.
In daily school life, students will respect the diversity of individuals, learn how to interact with others, and value prayer as emotional support. [Celebration of the Virgin Mary]

  • Christmas CelebrationChristmas Celebration
  • School anniversary MassSchool Anniversary Mass
  • Celebration of the Virgin MaryCelebration of the Virgin Mary

Annual Events

1st Term

1st Semester

  • Entrance ceremony
  • Spring excursion
  • Celebration of the Virgin Mary
  • International exchange program
    (Canadian students' visit)
  • Parents' visiting day
  • Camping trip to Mt.Rokko for 3rd graders
  • Camping trip to Awajishima for 4th graders
  • Swimming classes for 1st graders
  • Camp at school for 2nd graders
  • Summer holidays
  • Study trip to New Zealand for 6th graders

2st Term

2st Semester

  • Interaction with Australian exchange students for 6th graders
  • Sports festival
  • Cultural festival
  • Outdoor activities (hiking)
  • Volunteer activities (cleaning of the school surroundings)
  • School Anniversary Mass
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Winter holiday

3st Term

3st Semester

  • Ski camp for 5th graders
  • School trip to Okinawa for 6th graders
  • Thanksgiving Mass
  • Graduation ceremony
  • International exchange program for 5th graders (Visiting Canada)
  • Spring holidays